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SQL Database Middleware for Enscribe Applications
Escort SQL, converts Enscribe files to the NonStop SQL industry standard relational database tables and provides highly efficient database middleware supporting transparent access to the SQL tables from Enscribe programs, without requiring any re-programming (i.e. no source code changes or even recompiles are necessary). Users get all the benefits of having done a hand conversion to SQL without the work, time or risk involved.

Replicate All Of Your Data Without Any Program Modification
AutoTMF provides automatic data protection for your applications using the NonStop RDF and TM/MP products from HP's NonStop Division. No change to your existing programs is required.  Distributed and supported worldwide by HP.

Replicate and synchronize all your non-database files automatically!
AutoSYNC provides automatic replication, distribution and synchronization of all your non-database files. AutoSYNC helps ensure disaster recovery preparedness and provides software distribution for reduced operations management.  Distributed and supported worldwide by HP.

Replicate and synchronize all your SQL DDL operations  automatically!
NonStop SDR replicates the SQL/MP DDL operations that are not currently replicated by RDF. It works very closely with RDF to ensure that data replication and DDL replication operations are performed in the right sequence; this guarantees the backup database is logically the same as the primary database. Like RDF, SDR operates efficiently and invisibly, requiring no operator intervention.  Distributed and supported worldwide by HP.

The Partition Analyzer For HP Nonstop Systems
Escort Ranger quickly and efficiently analyzes both Enscribe files and NonStop SQL tables to determine the optimal file partitioning ranges. It also supplies information to your programs to increase application parallelization.

Escort Journaling allows databases to be loaded on-line, while the "source" data files are being accessed and updated.

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